7f6b003068dadd74beae0d77a392d276-3-300x199Our PlayHouse offers a full-day, full-week Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom with a low student-teacher ratio. While focusing on child-led, inquiry-based projects, children learn to plan, research, explore, and observe, all while gaining important Kindergarten academic skills within the context of authentic and meaningful play. This classroom serves as a valuable transition between preschool and elementary school, preparing the children emotionally as well as academically for the next step of their educational journey.

Meaningful Play and Nature

We understand the importance of children taking risks, making social connections, and spending time in nature. Our kindergarten students spend one to two hours each day outdoors. They may spend time on the playground, exploring the gardens, or taking a nature hike. The outdoor learning environment is a natural extension of our kindergarten classroom.

Community Connections

Our teachers also facilitate field-trips throughout the year to deepen community connections in the context of the children’s group projects. Our kindergarteners will take a variety of trips, anything from visiting a local glass blower to going to the City Planning department.

To learn more or meet our Kindergarten teachers, contact us or come to one of our Open Houses.